Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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Checked almost daily. So glad to see this post. Thank you, Jeremy! Time, nor buildings, wait for no man, but this one seems to. Any guesses yet?
Still no idea whether this is a house or something more public. I asked an old man who was passing by and pushing a wheel-barrow, but he had no idea either. Maybe I should try harder
Nah, why spoil our fun!
It looks like one of those new-fangled eco houses, or "eco-buildings" - it's not huge (unless my scale is out?) so perhaps it's just a house.
Hope this doesn't spoil your fun, B, but I think Tash is right about the ecological construction.
Tash, it isn't huge but I've since gathered that it is a business premises.
So, maybe a gym?
Hi Jeremy. I love a mystery. Annie
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